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Mascot Hardware

Mascot Hardware Thunder Crack 1-7/10 in. Wooden Round Knob (Pack of 10)

Mascot Hardware Thunder Crack 1-7/10 in. Wooden Round Knob (Pack of 10)

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Whether you're embarking on a complete interior renovation or seeking to refresh the look of your existing décor, the Thunder Crack wooden knobs are versatile enough to complement a wide range of styles. From contemporary and minimalist aesthetics to rustic and eclectic designs, these knobs effortlessly integrate into diverse settings, infusing a touch of nature-inspired artistry.

Premium Wooden Craftsmanship: Crafted from high-quality wood, the Thunder Crack knob showcases a seamless combination of natural elegance and durability. The wooden construction adds warmth and character to your furniture pieces.

Ergonomic Design: The round knob's ergonomic design ensures comfortable and easy handling. Its smooth surface and rounded edges allow for a comfortable grip, making it suitable for various applications like cabinets, drawers, wardrobes, and more.

Unique Thunder Crack Pattern: Adding a touch of uniqueness, the Thunder Crack pattern engraved on the knob's surface captures attention and sparks conversation. This distinctive design element sets it apart from ordinary knobs and elevates your furniture's aesthetic.

Versatile Size: With a diameter of 1-7/10 inches, the knob strikes a balance between being substantial enough to make a statement and compact enough to fit seamlessly into various design schemes.

Pack of 10: Each purchase includes a pack of 10 Thunder Crack wooden knobs, offering excellent value for money. Whether you're revamping multiple pieces of furniture or working on a larger project, these knobs provide a consistent and cohesive design element.

Easy Installation: The knob's design includes a standard screw hole at the back, ensuring easy installation on various surfaces. The required screws are typically included in the packaging, simplifying the setup process.

Enhanced Decor: The Thunder Crack wooden knob transforms ordinary furniture into conversation starters. Whether you're aiming for a rustic, contemporary, or eclectic look, these knobs effortlessly blend in while making a statement.

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